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Creating Value from Waste™
Titanium Corporation’s Creating Value from WasteTM (CVWTM) technology provides sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of the oil sands mining sector while creating growth, jobs and diversification for Alberta and Canada’s economies and attractive returns for our shareholders. Titanium’s patent-protected CVWTM technology reduces the environmental impact of oil sands froth treatment tailings while recovering valuable products that would otherwise be lost in tailings ponds. CVWTM recovers lost bitumen, solvents and valuable minerals from tailings, preventing these commodities from entering tailings ponds and the atmosphere. Volatile organic compound and greenhouse gas emissions are materially reduced, hot tailings water is improved in quality for recycling and residual tailings, after CVWTM processing, can be remediated more readily. A new, high value minerals industry will be created with the production and export of zircon and titanium products which are essential ingredients in ceramics, coatings and many other every day products that improve people’s lives.


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