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Tracking & Asset Monitoring

A Technology manufacture focused on Tracking & Location Systems for mining. At the core of our innovations is TopVu’s 2nd Generation software offering a web based software and a REST API platform to integrate our product. The smart eTagboard provides digital records of tagboard attendance also improving mine rescue activities. When the eTagBoard is combined with TopVu’s checkpoint tracking (RFID or BLE), Gen.2 software can deliver unprecedented safety benefits eliminating tagboard incidents and improving accountability. Gen.2 also integrates RFID turnstiles to document workers on your property and Muster Tap Stations for assembly points. Production & Geology can optimize their throughput by deploying TopVu’s Ore Tracking system to analyze the muck’s origin, type (Ore vs. Waste), retention time, and receive alerts when material is detected on the wrong path. Contact us to schedule your interactive video discovery session.


Yvan Brulé

+1 (705) 419-2555

Yvan Brulé

+1 (705) 419-2555

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