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Vertal composters change food waste into a valuable resource. Since 2008, Vertal composter distribution mission extended to USA and Canada with the collaboration of local composting expertise agents near you. In 2013, Vertal designs and markets its own odor mastering system adaptable to any composting site. Vertal also expanded its composting technology offer by adding more local household and community food waste composting equipment. Every CITYPOD composter can be made to specific requirements. The food waste treatment capacity of the CITYPOD composter is matched to the volume of organic waste you want to compost. CITYPOD composters may also be fitted with a variety of options for loading, inspection, shredding and odor mastering system. NORASYSTEM® – All composting site odor sources are eliminated with the non-toxic natural odorous gases crystallization catalyst. Atomized right into the compost piles, the NORASYSTEM® catalyst odor destroyer crystallizes the odorous gases at the very source.


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