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Viridis Terra International (VTI)’s activities focus on the restoration and return into production of degraded ecosystems, lands, and soils including mined sites in addition to the formulation, implementation, and sustainable management of large-scale forest/agroforest landscape restoration projects. Mine restoration is an effective means for supporting sustainable development of mining operations, as well as maintaining the social licence to operate. VTI offers a wide range of turnkey solutions and services for the restoration of mined site using highly innovative, low-cost, and more sustainable ecological restoration and ecoengineering technologies and techniques. VTI is composed of a multidisciplinary team all specialized in the field of work with experience in Canada, Latin America, Africa, and Russia. The company invests considerably in R&D. Its services also include the development of integrated mining and agroforestry projects at the landscape level that improve benefits to the mining communities through enhanced land productivity, thus, increasing positive impacts and social acceptability of mining projects. If you want to know more about our expertise, technologies, and services, please contact us.


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