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Integrated waste to energy solutions
WTEC provides integrated ‘clean & smart’ waste management and energy recovery infrastructure via continuous Batch Oxidation Systems (cBOS) and waste destruction via smaller mobile Batch Oxidation Systems (mBOS). Creating truly sustainable, clean community development around the world, WTEC is uniquely Canadian yet internationally oriented. Along with clean waste destruction our cBOS systems are ideally suited for local or regional energy production – from 60 to 360mtpd is our ’sweet spot’. They are ideal cost-effective localized plants rather than capital-intensive centralized plants. Some clients are defined by the “proximity principle”, whereby the waste is converted into energy used close to its source. This avoids transport costs and emits less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than landfilling. For communities or industries that seek a clean and smart solution to landfilling or incineration, our sBOS (small batch oxidation system) is a proven gasification technology and management solution that provides a clean, smart and affordable method to deal with batches of +/- 1.5 tonnes of waste.


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