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Xogen Technologies Inc. is a privately-held Canadian CleanTech company providing industry and government with innovative wastewater treatment solutions. Xogen’s patented technologies are capable of revolutionizing wastewater treatment in several specific large niche markets where the Xogen process is both more effective and less costly than any alternative. Advanced Electro Oxidation (AEO) We designed a modularized electrolysis reactor to deliver our technology. The reactor is 42” x 17” x 6”, weighting around 55 lbs and can be easily handled by one person. The engineered plastic shell of the reactor is designed to be lightweight, but strong enough to handle the required pressures of the system and to resist the heat and chemicals produced by the electrolysis reactions. Multiple reactors are linked together to easily scale up the treatment capacity. The containerized module is installed inside a 40-foot sea container. A heater installed in the sea container maintains the temperature inside the container allowing for use in outdoor environments; making the Xogen system suitable for remote or undeveloped areas.


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