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Environmentally friendly metal recovery process
Over the last decade Yava Technologies Inc. (Yava) has been involved in an intensive R&D program at a cost of approximately CDN $15 million and as a result has developed a series of low cost, award winning, environmentally friendly processes for the recovery of a range of metals including: gold, silver, lead and zinc.  Yava has also received significant assistance from the federal government of Canada to aid in the development of its technologies.  Yava is attracting growing interest from mining companies and other industries because its technologies potentially eliminate the need for concentrating, smelting and traditional refining. As a result, profits may be increased by: a) potential lower capital and operating costs and b) the possibility of producing a value added product on site that could be shipped directly to the end user for additional profits.  For example, lead could potentially be recovered as lead oxide, a product that receives an approximate 10% premium over lead metal prices.  Gold and silver are recovered separately as metal.


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