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Get introduced to the right people — the decision makers who want to buy your products or services and the partners (agents or distributors) who can represent you in foreign markets. That’s what happens at the many MSTA CANADA networking opportunities that connect members with potential customers and partners, both domestic and global. MSTA CANADA hosts an average of 10 major events each year, so you have multiple opportunities to promote your business.


Major events
each year


Major events
each year!


Reasons to join!

Surveyed companies of our international trade show programs identified $49 million in potential business as a result of attending MSTA CANADA international trade show programs.


Structured support

An orientation session in Canada before the event helps you get maximum benefit from the show. Participants also receive a welcome kit with practical information about the pavilion.

Informal networking

A peer-to-peer networking dinner on the eve of the show enables delegates to reconnect with old friends, make new connections, forge strategic partnerships and gather intelligence on the market.

Exposure to key people

Attend a Day 1 market briefing with the Trade Commissioner Service, and the Official Opening of the Canada Pavilion by the Trade Commissioner Service or Ambassador later that day. Invite prospects and clients to this networking event and meet with our federal government representatives so they can get to know your company and better serve your needs in the respective market.

A home base for meetings

A beacon for foreign buyers, the popular Canada Café provides a place to have impromptu meetings at cruiser tables and access to beverages and snacks when you host your networking sessions.

B2B networking

Our partner Export Development Canada (EDC) hosts structured business-to-business (B2B) meetings in the Canada Pavilion. In conjunction, MSTA CANADA often arranges for mining companies to visit pavilion booths and meet with the delegates.

Tiered participation

We offer three levels of engagement, to suit varying budgets and approaches to entering a country. INTERNATIONAL TRADE MISSIONS Each year we arrange targeted trade missions to countries of interest. These excursions are designed around a small group to maximize your engagement with the targeted companies. Delegates attend meetings at head offices with senior management, visit sites for exposure to the company’s operations and participate in workshops on region-specific topics.


MSTA CANADA participates in most major mining trade shows in Canada, where we host structured B2B programs for one-on-one opportunities with mining companies and engineering firms, networking events to help our members develop leads and strategic partnerships, and workshops with guest speakers. Near the end of each year, in collaboration with our strategic partners, we host our Annual Forum, a major event that brings together mining companies and our members for networking opportunities and a Gala celebration evening.

Delegates &

Invited to learn about what Canadian mining suppliers and the mining ecosystem stakeholders have to offer.


Invited to learn about what Canadian mining suppliers and the mining ecosystem stakeholders have to offer.

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