CAMESE advocates in Ottawa for mining suppliers

The ways in which mining suppliers generate employment in the mining ecosystem of Canada was showcased in Ottawa today by Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export (CAMESE) Managing Director Ryan McEachern. McEachern presented to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources where he also identified important areas the government should support to ensure the Canadian mining sector has a strong foundation for future growth and continues to be a world leader in the industry.

McEachern highlighted the fact that the mining supply and services (MSS) sector is a “hidden sector” as cited by the Conference Board of Canada. He also referenced the “Pan Ontario Mining Supply and Services Sector Economic Impact Study” that showed the strong economic contribution the MSS sector provides – noting that for every direct mining job created by mining companies in Ontario, there are approximately 2.5 jobs created by the MSS sector.

>In terms of government support, McEachern spoke to the continued implementation of flow through financing and the mineral exploration tax credit (METC), emphasized the importance of investment in infrastructure to reduce the cost of developing mines in the north, and encouraged the government to support funding proposals such as the industry led Canadian Mining Innovation Council’s (CMIC) Towards Zero Waste Mining strategy.

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