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Future Economy Interview
Canada is a nation with a deep mining history and mining will remain an integral part of our nation’s future economy. So it benefits us all to design the most sustainable, inclusive and productive mining industry we can. This Spotlight explores the Canadian mining industry’s role in national economic development and how it and its various sub-segments can claim a leadership role in the global mining industry.


1- People often assume that the mining supply and services (MSS) sector solely follows the Canadian mining companies, yet it is better reflected in the potential to tap into international markets that have rich mineral endowments.

2- The majority of mining suppliers need governmental assistance abroad to accelerate and de-risk trade in countries that have strong mining activity.

3- To continue to better prepare our workforce for the future of mining, we need to look ahead, observe the trends and most importantly, strike the right balance between accelerating the transition, but remaining cautious as to not disrupt the current mining workforce.

The Prime Minister, Minister of International Trade Diversification, Jim Carr and Minister of Natural Resources Amarjeet Sohi must play a role at the intersection of our in-country representation in embassies and international mining market intelligence. About 80-90% of the Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in mining are looking for in-country representation because their international clients expect it. More comprehensive market intelligence on the ground will help MSS companies connect with those prospects; be it for business development or more importantly, key partners to execute on the delivery of mining supplies and services.

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