MSTA CANADA's The DIG Episode 7

MSTA CANADA The Dig Episode 7

In this Episode of MSTA CANADA's The DIG, listen to Ryan McEachern speak with Rami Faour of Progesys; a company that is an expert in transitioning capital projects to operations. Up to 40% of the NPV can be lost at this stage in a project. Listen to how clients of Progesys are using the COVID-19 shutdown as an opportunity to do a fresh restart on operations and get things right.

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Launched May 28, 2020, “The Dig” is a weekly news and events videocast from MSTA CANADA that delves deep into the most timely and relevant stories about the mining supply and services sector.

This is just one example of how the new show will “dig into” important and interesting stories. Other Episodes of “The Dig,” produced by Bryan Bolan, can be streamed at

Contact us to learn more about “The Dig,” or to find out how you can apply to be a guest on the show: T[email protected].

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