“Game-changer” COVID-19 rapid testing technology approved

MSTA CANADA The Dig Episode 17


October 2, 2020 – Mississauga, ON – This week’s episode of “The Dig” looks at a portable rapid testing device that can accurately detect coronavirus, making this a “game-changer” and a must-have for companies in the mining industry and the mining supply and services sector.

The Hyris bCUBE has just received approval from Health Canada to be used for COVID-19 human testing. The tiny units can easily be used onsite to confirm a positive result in just 90 minutes and will soon be approved to utilize isothermal amplification to identify a negative result in 30 minutes. The bCUBE can also run PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology, which has a 95+% accuracy rate in clinical trials and is considered the “gold standard” of testing according to CDC and WHO guidelines.

Dr. Steven Newmaster, a Genomics Professor at University of Guelph, which is a research partner of Hyris, notes that this technology is perfect for industries such as mining because it provides accurate test results, even in remote areas. And, because the units connect to each other through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, having multiple units in operation within a site or community can assess the risk of outbreaks— something individual clinical testing can’t do.

Prof. Newmaster speaks about how the units work and their many benefits on the latest episode of “The Dig,” the news and events videocast from the Mining Suppliers Trade Association Canada (MSTA CANADA).

Ryan McEachern, Managing Director of MSTA CANADA and host of “The Dig,” says, “Technology like this will have a significant positive impact on mining companies and the mining supply and services industry, which have been hit hard by COVID-19. A quick and accurate onsite test that gets people back to work safely will ensure that these and other businesses can also return to health.”

The bCUBE has already been used successfully in Europe to detect coronavirus infections in people and in the U.S. to detect the virus on surfaces in hospitals. The device, distributed in Canada exclusively by Songbird Life Science for UK-based Hyris, has also been in use for several years in the food and natural products industry to identify pathogens, microbes, and specific ingredients. 


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