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Foremost is a large and diverse industrial manufacturer with products that are used every day across the world. Based in Alberta, Canada, Foremost is a company with innovative people, premium products, and a great future.

With more than 40 years of designing and manufacturing off-road reverse circulation drill rigs the Foremost MPD 1500 and W750 have made Foremost Exploration Series the industry standard for off-road exploration. 

The newly designed Apex Series builds on this legacy bringing with it industry leading innovations such as PLC electric hydraulic controls, a proprietary feed system that reduces maintenance by eliminating all cables, chains, pulleys and sheaves, industry leading hands free pipe handling with hands free makeup and brake out. In addition the Apex Series are available with low emissions Tier 4 final engines. The Apex Series offers three models with pullback ranges between 45,000-100,000 lbs in both track and truck mount configurations.


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