Micromine Pitram

Micromine Pitram is a comprehensive mine control and fleet management solution (FMS) for capturing, managing, analyzing and optimizing holistic mine site activity. The productivity platform brings core operational asset data together to deliver data-driven insights in real or near-real-time, improving operational outputs and outcomes.

Micromine Pitram is a well-established solution with over 60 implementations across underground and surface operations. Over the last 23 years, some of the world’s largest mining companies have partnered with Micromine Pitram because of the continuous improvement, innovation, and unbiased approach to delivering next-generation mining technology. It is one of the few remaining OEM independent solutions, able to work with all equipment types and vendors. 

Micromine Pitram is one of a number of innovative products available from Micromine, a leading software provider with solutions that span the full mining lifecycle. Other products in Micromine’s portfolio include innovative solutions for early geological exploration and data management, geology modeling, resource estimation, strategic mine planning, mine design, scheduling, and fleet management.

For a closer look at Micromine Pitram, visit micromine.com/pitram/


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