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Water pollution prevention, especially from hydrocarbons, heavy metals and other hazardous chemicals. The company developed the filter technology to be used in trenches, drains and other drainage systems: “The patented MLM TM filter technology is comprised of a mixture of absorbent polymers, engineered for removing hydrocarbon oils from water and containing large oil spills.” When activated with the contaminated water (containing oil, heavy metals or others) a solid gel plug is formed ensuring that all the contaminants are fully contained on the surface. The gel plug can maintain its integrity for long periods of time (at least 24 months) with no disintegration, thus preventing the contaminants to be discharged uncontrolled.

Petro Barrier Systems Inc also provides consulting services for contaminated water treatment, as well as remote monitoring for their filtering systems. The products/services are relevant for the oil industry (up, middle and down streams), the industry in general to manage oil spills and other chemicals in factories and in the heavy machinery industry, both the manufacturing as well as maintenance and repairs.


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