As Managing Director, I am proud to welcome you to the 21st annual CAMESE Compendium of Canadian Mining Suppliers. The Compendium is a reminder of the remarkable breadth and depth of products and services offered by Canadian companies that supply the entire mining spectrum – from early exploration and development, mine design and construction to production, processing, re ning, closure and rehabilitation.

The Compendium is set up in a format that allows you to easily and a supplier using the subsector index in the front or the alphabetical listings in the back. In addition, the added value of a concise descriptive supplier pro le with key contact information gives you a quick understanding of whether a supplier will t your needs. For example, if you are interested in Mineral Processing Equipment & Supplies, you will find 20 firms under that heading.

In terms of the mining industry, we have been in a prolonged bottom of the commodity or business cycle over the past few years and it has made it clear to many that exploration and mining companies cannot proceed to do business as usual. This has created an opportunity for companies to look at doing things differently and better; that is to say, to be more innovative. We are seeing this change as mining companies are focusing on electri cation of underground mines and implementation of autonomous vehicles, for example.

As the term innovation has been getting a lot of attention lately, for clarity here, when we say “innovative,” it is implied that a product or service can be implemented in a commercially viable way. I state this point because if a product or process that is innovative cannot yet be implemented commercially, it is simply research and development. Also, when it comes to innovation as de ned here, this is where Canadian mining suppliers of products and services shine – it is in their DNA.

I encourage you to explore our Compendium and seek out our suppliers so they can work with you to provide the innovative solutions your business requires to be competitive in the current market.

Please contact our members directly for further information on their products and services or visit our website at www.camese.org to learn more. You can also contact any one of our CAMESE staff members, who will always be pleased to assist you in finding the right business partners to fulfill your needs. 


Ryan McEachern, B.Sc., MBA Managing Director