PROVIX COVID19 Detection Camera Press Release

Provix FI

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PROVIX Inc is pleased to announce the availability of the Covid19 Camera systems for identifying abnormal temperatures on individuals and groups of people. The PROVIX Covid Cameras incorporate facial recognition software to automatically detect the correct location for determining the temperature of anyone passing in front of the camera. There are three different models depending on the application and the location for use. The cameras utilise thermal imaging and temperature sensors to pinpoint temperature within .3° degrees, and an alarm is activated for anyone with an abnormal temperature.  The PROVIX systems include comprehensive software for temp data analysis, and can work collaboratively with your existing employee photo id database. Ready to deploy as a plug and play solution, the PROVIX systems are fully networkable. Each camera is equipped with a rugged stand for easy setup and the Covid Camera is also available as a battery powered portable solution for transport and use at other locations. Already deployed at mine sites, power stations and industrial plants in Canada, these cameras are available for purchase now. PROVIX is Canada’s Mining Video and Camera system specialists. We build camera systems for every major mining company in Canada and supply these systems to miners around the world. 

Contact our technical sales reps at or  +1 (519) 803-5805. 


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