CIM Community Reporter, July 15, 2021


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We're moving

Next week, we’re moving to our new office located just two floors down from where our current (old) office is. Instead of suite 1250, we are now going to be at suite 1040. Once offices reopen and you’d like to visit us, our new address will be:

1040-3500 Boulevard Maisonneuve West
Westmount, Québec
H3Z 3C1

Next week, we’re moving to our new office located just two floors down from where our current (old) office is. Instead of suite 1250, we are now going to be at suite 1040. Once offices reopen and you’d like to visit us, our new address will be:

CIM Director

Meet the new CIM Director of Events & Professional Development

Please welcome Christopher Marilley, the new CIM Director of Events & Professional Development. Christopher is a seasoned meeting and convention professional with over 25 years’ experience in the hospitality and tourism sector. He is a proven leader/executive having led sales and convention services teams with global hotel chains where he also served on the executive group. He also oversaw the North American meeting and convention markets with Tourism Montréal.

A graduate of Mathematics at McGill University, Christopher is a bilingual Montréaler who has worked in Alberta, British Columbia and Québec. In his spare time, Christopher enjoys playing sports and music, making craft beer, coaching and spending time with his three young boys.

Exclusive discount: JPI Canada online professional development courses

To celebrate its 35th year in business and 21 years of service to global surface mining operations, JPI Mine Equipment & Engineering Services is offering the CIM community a 35% discount on three online and professional development services.

  1. Roads Make Loads: A haulage and roads professional development online course comprising of six hours of operational focused concentrated video classes. Completion provides at least 12 hours of professional development hours credit for engineers and technologists.
  2. Whole Road Analysis Performance ID (WRAPID 3.5): This operation focused service provides benchmarking for haulage and roads. This service is ideal for those who do not have time for the Roads Make Loads course.
  3. Blast Load Analysis Support Tactics (BLAST-21): This benchmarking service confirms surface blast designs, fragmentation and provides a blast energy efficiency for a given rock mass. This service has an add-on shovel or excavator loading benchmark service that evaluates the loading energy per ton excavated, with a 21% discount to the end of August.

All three are available at Use the code JPIPROMO35 to receive your exclusive 35% off discount. 

ESRS Webinar: Reconciliation in Canada Today

The tragic news surrounding the discovery of the unmarked graves of hundreds of Indigenous children has somehow affected each one of us. To a larger extent, to those of us who are Indigenous, but also to those who have established friendships and/or working relationships with Indigenous peoples. We are struggling to process this information and are left wondering how can we move through this as industry professionals and as Canadians who really do care about our country? Now more than ever, reconciliation has become a poignant topic.

On July 22 at 1:00 PM (EDT), join ESRS, Lana Eagle (Lana Eagle Consulting) and Nathan Stubina (Sherritt International) for a frank discussion about reconciliation in Canada.

MetSoc Short Course: Chloride Metallurgy

Throughout three modules, the Chloride Metallurgy course will cover fundamentals involved in chloride metallurgy, processing of sulfide concentrates and ores in reactor and heap leaching, extraction of rare earth elements in chloride media, electrolysis of molten salts, electrometallurgy in aqueous chloride media, reagent regeneration and materials of construction.

This course will be of benefit for metal producers, equipment suppliers, engineering firms, test laboratories and academia.

CIM Academy: This week's highlight

Community Engagement Strategies and Case Studies

This session on community engagement features three presentations that were originally to be presented at the 2020 CIM Convention. It is now available on CIM Academy. 

  1. Nick Hawley of BBA Engineering speaks about the engagement approaches used, relationships built, and opportunities realized through work with Indigenous peoples across nine traditional territories for construction of the Northwest Transmission line. The powerline supports mining operations in northern British Columbia.
  2. Zorigtkhuu Bat-Erdene of the University of British Columbia elaborates on his research for creating opportunities for land-connected culture and businesses using a combination of quantitative and qualitative data analysis and interviews. His work focuses on a case study of a Canadian mining company in the Gobi region of Mongolia.
  3. Aviva Silburt of the University of Waterloo talks about practical tools to help incorporate complex systems thinking into policies and strategies for navigating the mining-related conflict. Aviva will illustrate the tools through in-depth examination of two mines in Guatemala. 


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