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Customized ventilation systems to fit your underground needs.

ABC Ventilation Systems can accommodate all your mining and tunneling ventilation needs from ventilation designs to supplying high efficiency ventilation systems. The ABC Ventilation Systems extensive catalogue includes, but is not limited to; top quality ducting, high efficiency fans, inflatables, curtains, and brattices. Its line of ToughVent fans have been engineered using computational fluid dynamics and extensive testing to maximize their aerodynamic performance, allowing them to reach efficiencies of up to 85 percent. Coupled with ABC Ventilation Systems semi-rigid HardLine ducting, with a low resistance along and low leakage values, the potential energy savings can have a return on your investment in as low as 2 years. Its team of in-house engineers are also available to help you further optimize designs to have a more efficient, and overall better ventilation system. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, ABC Ventilation Systems is confident it will provide you with the best that ventilation can offer.


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