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Founded in 1984, Northern Light Technologies (NLT) delivers innovative technologies to mines with a focus on safety and productivity. Through rugged networking, Wi-Fi, and software-based solutions, NLT makes mines and other operations more efficient, safe, and profitable. Through more connected mines, NLT can offer powerful applications such as personnel and asset tracking, voice/ text communication, video and security, environmental monitoring, automation, real time access to equipment telemetry data, and tele-operations of mining and support equipment. NLT excels at turnkey design, manufacturing, fit-for-purpose deployment and support of scalable connectivity technologies. Northern Light© cap lamps are designed for maximum light output, reliability, and comfort while providing secondary power options for RFID and Wi-Fi tags, Collision Awareness Electronics, and other IoT technology. Included in the lineup are the award-winning cordless Polaris, the tag-enabled Genesis and Eclipse, and the agnostic tag ready Eagle and Falcon. To improve the way your mine sees, communicates, and operates, call NLT today!


Northern Light Technologies Inc.

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Northern Light Technologies Inc.

+1 (888) 425-6555

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