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Mining and mineral exploration drills, tooling and accessories.

Foremost designs and manufactures a diverse line of products for mining, water well, construction, and oil and gas applications – specializing in drill rigs, off-road vehicles, reverse circulation drill pipes, drill rod handlers, hydraulic top drives and drill consumables. Mineral Exploration Series rigs, manufactured with either a track or large tire undercarriage, are designed to minimize ground pressure and to climb extremely steep grades and side slopes. Foremost’s popular Dual Rotary Drill provides superior overburden drilling where casing hammers and underreamers have been unsuccessful. Cushion Subs protect and prolong top drive bearings, rotary drive, mast assemblies and gear life against both torsional and axial vibrations and shock loading in moderate and extreme drilling conditions. Replacing a friction or non-rotating bushing on the deck of a blast-hole drill without drill modifications, the Rotary Deck Bushing provides stabilization, reduces drill vibrations and friction to drill string components and permits higher rotational speed.


Al Pleskie

+1 (403) 295-5819

Al Pleskie

+1 (403) 295-5819

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