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Precise, Innovative, Sustainable Mining Technology.

Sustainable Mining By Drilling (SMD) is transforming how to mine, and is a new better, solution that’s smarter, greener and exceptionally cost-effective.

We’re creating an integrated network of intelligent, cloud-based systems, software and devices to power SMD’s “Keyhole Surgery”, precision-guided mining. Tech-driven, surgical mining that uses high resolution imaging to identify vein and host rock interfaces, and adapts, intuitively. Boosting existing site potential by unlocking previously inaccessible or unprofitable zones – and extending that potential to globally abundant sites rich in small-scale near surface narrow vein mineral deposits.

SMD uses a unique downhole directional vein-sensing tool, steering, proprietary algorithms and industry-proven drilling technology to surgically mine your deposit. Minimizing environmental impact. And maximizing safety and profitability by extracting only ore.

And the waste? We leave that where it belongs: in the ground.

Sustainable Mining By Drilling also dramatically reduces a mine’s carbon footprint, using less energy and emitting less greenhouse gases.


Shannon McCrae, P.Geo

+1 (416) 949-6618

Shannon McCrae, P.Geo

+1 (416) 949-6618

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