Maestro Digital Mine launches MaestroLink™ Server Software Tool

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Maestro Digital Mine launches MaestroLink™ Server Software Tool – Identify and manage problems before they occur in underground minesmaintenance

Sudbury, ON. Canada – October 7, 2020 Maestro Digital Mine launches their next enabling technology that monitors the health condition of all Maestro digital IIoT devices and networks – any time and anywhere. MaestroLink™ Server is the innovative on premise-based monitoring platform that enables control room operators and maintenance teams to monitor and manage devices via smartphone, tablet or computer in real-time. Now access your data anytime anywhere! 

Michael Gribbons, CEO, President and Co-founder, Maestro Digital Mine, stated that, “Maestro is known for its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices used for ventilation monitoring and controls as well as last mile digital networks for the underground mining sector. These proven solutions installed globally in 32 countries provide safety to the workers, productivity improvements to operators and significant CAPEX and OPEX savings to the project group. All of Maestro’s IIoT devices utilize embedded webservers along with digital technology right down to each individual sensor, enabling remote diagnostics for solving maintenance problems as well as assuring sensor calibration compliance.” 

This software platform provides a secure multi-instance web-based interface to monitor and record the health of any Vigilante AQS™ or Zephyr AQS™ air quality monitoring stations, DustMon™ PM particulate monitor and the Plexus PowerNet™ “last mile” underground communication network. Every Maestro digital IIoT digital device provides multi-variable data, but also a complete suite of diagnostic data. 

MaestroLink™ Server was developed to fill the gap between the requirement of maximizing reliable and accurate operational data while reducing the impact and workload of the maintenance and support team.

Once installed, MaestroLink™ Server reaches out on the network to find and self populate the IIoT devices and network nodes and begins to monitor both the data and advanced diagnostics of the devices. Consider MaestroLink™ Server as your factory trained Maestro engineer and service technologist, working 24-7 assuring maximum uptime of each digital device.

David Ballantyne, COO, CTO and Co-founder, Maestro Digital Mine, remarked, “It saves time and cost by giving miners the ability to poll the diagnostics and then turning the data into tangible actions from surface before having to go underground.  The support team will go underground the first time with the proper tools, spare parts and equipment to do the maintenance once instead the industry standard requiring multiple trips.”

This diagnostic data provides in-depth information regarding the IIoT device right down to the sensor level resolving current and future problems and ensuring proper sensor calibration; notification when sensors are about to expire; and finding sensors that are reading unusual or bad information. 

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