Primary Employee Thermal Screening

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In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses that cause a rise in body temperature (fever), it is critical that your employees be screened for elevated temperatures and quickly identified even if they are not showing any symptoms.

The core temperature in the human body is used to determine if the subject is suffering from a fever. However, traditional approaches are not reliable if the temperature is obtained using the surface of the subjects’ skin. In addition, error rates are far greater than predicted when comparing to statistical error values when testing this approach with typical off-the-shelf industrial thermal imaging systems.

By the request of the World Health Organization (WHO) and in partnership with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), Synaptic Technologies recently conducted a research project in which confirmed WHO’s theory that off-the-shelf industrial thermal imaging systems cannot accurately represent a human subjects core temperature. With the conclusion of that project, we went on to advance a suitable mobile thermal imaging system for fever detection.

Synaptic Technologies developed a cost-effective and highly precise thermal scanning tool, that provides an indicator in which you can verify if the subject requires further analysis or does not demonstrate signs of elevated temperatures. With the integration of proprietary delta-detection software, the system’s sole purpose is to quickly and accurately allow low-risk individuals to “pass” while focusing attention on higher-risk individuals. An operator will scan the group and easily identify high-risk individuals who will require a secondary screening by a health care professional in order to gather a more accurate diagnosis.

The Primary Employee Thermal Screening system can be deployed quickly and provides your organization with a cost-effective testing solution.

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