Progesys Enters the South American Market with the Acquisition of Acttio


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Originally Published by Progesys

Laval, October 13, 2021 – Progesys, an international firm specialized in project management, announced today the acquisition of Acttio, a project management firm located in Brazil. This is a strategic acquisition for the Quebec-based company, which has more than 100 industrial installations delivered in over 30 countries worldwide.   

More Project Management Services Under One Roof   

Already well established in North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Progesys continues its international growth by penetrating the South American market with the acquisition of Acttio, a firm recognized for the excellence of its operations and enjoying a brilliant reputation in South America. This acquisition represents a major leverage for both companies, which will benefit from their respective specific services, notably in the areas of sustainable development (ESG) and transition to operations. They will also consolidate their expertise in project managementconstruction management and commissioning to better serve their South American clients.  

“The union of Progesys and Acttio is a natural fit. Both companies have a history of success in delivering industrial projects and together we have the passion and the means to achieve our ambitious growth objectives in South America,” said Riad Faour, CEO of Progesys. 

“We are very pleased to join the Progesys team. We share similar values focused on excellence, community involvement, employee leadership and diversity. This acquisition will bring together our best assets,” said Juliana Junqueira, CEO of Progesys Acttio.  

A Seasoned Team   

Marcelo Figueiredo, Chairman of the Board, and Juliana Junqueira, CEO, each have more than 20 years of experience and will share the management responsibilities of Progesys Acttio. Juliana Junqueira has extensive experience in project management and will continue to oversee the operations of the new company. Marcelo Figueiredo is recognized in the industry for his leadership and international experience on five continents, as well as for his expertise in the management and governance of major projects.   

About Progesys   

Founded in 2003, Progesys is an international project management firm. It distinguishes itself by its know-how in management and transition to operations. With offices in six countries, the company has delivered more than 100 industrial installations in over 30 countries around the world. Over the years, Progesys has acquired a significant presence in North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.    

About Acttio  

Located in Brazil, Acttio is a project management firm serving companies in the mining and metals, energy, oil and gas, construction and logistics sectors. It offers services in auditing, economic and financial control, work processes, project office implementation, and health, safety and environmental management.   

Source: Progesys  


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