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Mine and industrial ventilation monitoring with vent-on-demand

Accutron Instruments has been leading the underground mining community with ultrasonic time-of -flight ventilation monitoring since 1993, and continues to advance their technologies for all ventilation-dependent industries. Accutron’s ultrasonic technology remains to be the most effective and reliable solution for continuous monitoring of air movement in mines, tunnels and other industrial venues. Accutron continues to strengthen their technology with it’s latest airflow monitoring solution, the Accutron PRO Series. Their improved connectivity and local control allows users to create their Mine Air Quality Stations and Optimization around the Accutron Pro Controller, combining it with the improved FlowTRAX PRO (airflow), ClimaTRAX PRO (DB, WBGT, RH, P), Gas, Dust and DPM. The Accutron PRO Web Interface opens up the live data dashboard with a complete suite for device configuration and management. This Proudly Canadian manufacturer is also partnered with other global leaders in the industry of real time particulate monitoring of respirable dust and diesel particulate matter (DPM) to bring the best technologies to our clients to better understand their environment underground. For more information; contact to schedule a discussion and live demonstration from their Wind Tunnel Test Chamber.


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