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Electrical products for the mining industry

With more than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of distribution and electrical power products in the industrial, commercial and mining sectors, Adria Power Systems® is a leader for whom its loyal customers place their entire confidence in the implementation of the best possible solutions adapted to their own situation. The product list includes electrical substations, portable and mobile, for underground and open pit mines, mine power centers, industrial and mining switchgears, medium voltage junction boxes, only to name a few. Adria Power Systems® is a reference for charging systems for mining vehicles operating with high capacity power batteries. This has positioned Adria as a leader in the development of this type of charger.


Jean-Francois Couillard

+1 (819) 797-5881 EXT: 237

Jean-Francois Couillard

+1 (819) 797-5881 EXT: 237

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