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Filtrartech offers a wide range of industrial dust control, pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum cleaning systems services. Offering highly specialized services and equipment that meets the highest industry standards, Filtrartech is attentive to the natural environment and constantly taking steps to provide staff and consequently clients with a safe and secure working environment. Traditionally serving clients throughout Quebec, for the last few years, Filtrartech, together with its strategic partners, is developing a new market covering the rest of Canada and the U.S., supporting customers such as Alcoa, Rio Tinto Alcan/QIT and Consolidated-Thompson. Whether engineering, production, installation, start-up or reconditioning of equipment is concerned, Filtrartech can take on responsibility for all operations related to industrial dust control, industrial vacuum cleaning and pneumatic systems. With the professionalism of the Filtrartech team, you are guaranteed to benefit from cutting-edge technologies designed and developed to increase productivity and environmental efficiency.


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