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Firwin Corp. manufactures retrofit removable/reusable insulation blankets and permanent insulation systems for complete exhaust systems, including engine-exhaust manifolds, turbochargers, piping, silencers or purifiers. Firwin products are used in numerous industries, including underground and open-pit mining. Input from leading mining companies resulted in two products designed to meet the challenges of the industry: Minewrap™, a unique, innovative, solution-driven line of removable insulation blankets specially designed for the rugged environment and demanding safety standards in mines; and Firwin HC hard-coat insulation, a permanent, high-temperature insulation ideal for limited space applications where the ability to remove insulation is not required. Minewrap™ and Firwin HC protect operators from burns, shield fuel lines and cables from heat, reduce ambient heat in confined spaces, reduce the danger of fire when diesel and hydraulic oils spray onto hot piping, and help ensure optimal catalyst pollution burn-off. Where you need proven and superior safety and reliability, choose Firwin.


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