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Hepburn Engineering Inc. (HEI) designs and supplies complete mine hoisting systems with fully integrated electrical controls, digital drives, digital safety monitors, PLC-based operating systems and hoist management software for automated hoisting. The Hepburn Hoist Manager is the most advanced, comprehensive and user-friendly hoist-operating and management system available today. It incorporates advanced fault logging and diagnostics and can be configured to control hoists from a remote location. The new Hepburn Hoist Reporter software provides mine management with detailed, realtime production reporting, hoist status and searchable fault history using standard web browsers. Through Hepburn Hoist Care, Hepburn engineers can remotely access the hoist controllers and perform remote diagnostics to solve problems quickly. Hepburn electrical controls and Hoist Manager can be retrofitted to existing hoisting plants, as well as incorporated in new hoists to improve automation, performance, productivity, safety and maintenance. See the Hepburn company profile under Hoisting Equipment.


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