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Hepburn Engineering Inc. (HEI) designs and supplies complete mine hoisting systems for applications from shaft sinking up to the largest production requirements: single drum, double drum, Blair, friction (Koepe) hoisting plants with integrated electrical controls, digital drives, safety monitors, PLC-based operating systems and the powerful Hepburn Hoist Manager software. Hepburn Hoist Reporter software provides web-accessible, real-time hoist status and production reporting. HEI engineers provide efficient, functional designs and fully integrated hoisting solutions with single-source responsibility. HEI supplies stage winches, sheaves, automated weighing systems and new braking systems, retrofit digital controls, engineering, hoist rebuilding and field services for existing hoists. HEI has an extensive installed hoist population and strong international presence maintained through local representatives supported by an effective service organization and remote access Hepburn Hoist Care. HEI owns the mine hoist technology of Canadian Ingersoll Rand (CIR), Westinghouse Canada, FH&B and Ottumwa, and provides OEM parts and service worldwide. Contact: John Hepburn President 73 Six Point Road Toronto, Ontario M8Z 2X3 Canada Phone: 1-416-638-4425 Fax: 1-416-638-2070 Email: [email protected] Hepburn


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