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JKC Equipment specializes in the recovery of damaged tires deemed as unrepairable. We offer the mining industry tire repair programs, which recover approximately 67 percent of damaged tires reducing their Tire Purchasing Budget and Operating Costs. The process is based on the use of an Italian tire repair material (TAP RAP) and their tire reconstruction technology. With this technology, we recover tires with small and especially extreme injuries, that are not considered repairable with the conventional method. We offer customized technical training, continuous support in English and Spanish, as well as a wide range of highquality tools, accessories and the latest vulcanization systems in the market. Our technical staff has extensive experience in the industry and understands the needs of the Latin American market. JKC Equipment takes pride in its excellent service and customer support. JKC, transforming damaged tires into Profit$.


Alfredo Chin

+1 (604) 370-0552

Alfredo Chin

+1 (604) 370-0552

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