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The protection of high-performance urethane coating systems.

Normac Adhesive Products Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of abrasion- and corrosionresistant coatings based on sprayable polyurethanes, sprayable polyureas, room temperature castable polyurethanes, grouts/putties and adhesives/primers. More than 25 years of continuous research and development has enabled Normac to develop and manufacture unique products that have proven themselves worldwide to not only exhibit outstanding wear-and-tear qualities and longevity, but to also be user-friendly and safe to work with. The company manufactures its own primer/ adhesive systems for bonding all of its products to a wide variety of substrates. Normac is also well known for its 900R and 600R room temperature curing adhesives for rubber/ urethane and rubber/urethaneto-steel requirements. Coupled with a strong commitment to engineered solutions and service, Normac can provide that little extra to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


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