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Since 1975, Phoenix Geophysics has provided instrumentation and services to clients in more than 75 countries and has carried out surveys for many of the world’s largest mining companies. Phoenix specializes in broadband magnetotellurics (MT/AMT/ BMT) and other electromagnetic techniques, which identify subsurface anomalies that can signal the presence of metals and diamond-bearing kimberlites. High-sensitivity phase IP was instrumental in mapping anomalies associated with the Hemlo gold ore body in the 1980s. Recent Phoenix surveys detected ore bodies deeper than 1,000 metres but costing no more than for shallow investigations. The Phoenix line of transmitters provides users with flexible current-source solutions and a range of power outputs. Phoenix’s time-domain and frequency-domain transmitter, the TXU-30, is a reliable, stable, high-power-output EM solution, delivering up to 60 amperes in loops of sq.-km area. It is a proven success in Canada and other countries.


Leo Fox

+1 (416) 491-7340

Leo Fox

+1 (416) 491-7340

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