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High-performance fabric structures.

Sprung Structures is the global leader in the design and manufacture of engineered tension membrane structures utilized by the mining industry for immediate relocatable building solutions. Sprung invented the stressed membrane structure in the late 1970s in response to the need for a rapidly deployable building system that could be erected under rigid construction timelines and meet significant environmental loadings in remote areas. Since then, Sprung has erected over 12,000 structures in 100 countries. Applications include onsite warehousing, haul truck maintenance, equipment storage, dining facilities, milling operations, bulk storage, ore processing and more. Sprung’s modular rust-free aluminum substructure is easily accommodated in shipping containers for international transport, and a worldwide network of structural engineers and strategic alliances help ensure every project exceeds expectations. Structures are available in widths 30’ to 200’ by any length, and optional fiberglass insulation packages are available. Lease or purchase. Proven technology worldwide.


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