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Providing engineering-grade data for railroad asset, inventory and clearance inspection from the air or the tracks.

Teledyne Optech is widely recognized in the mining and exploration communities for its technological depth in terrestrial LiDAR and related technologies. Developed for underground mining environments, the Cavity Monitoring System (CMS) quickly collects thousands of accurately located points to determine a cavity’s size, orientation and volume, and to create detailed 3D CAD drawings. The V500 model includes a unique integrated camera capable of image and video capture, adding new inspection features to the CMS. The Polaris terrestrial laser scanner is especially useful in open-pit mines where accurate ranging capabilities, robust field performance and portability are crucial. The ultralight Maverick mobile mapping system can be mounted on a vehicle or carried in a backpack to collect the geo-referenced datasets required for traditional surveying. Teledyne Optech’s hardware delivers dense, accurate and geo-referenced spatial data that will exceed your expectations – backed by industry-leading around-the-clock support.


Wayne Szameitat

+1 (905) 660-0808

Wayne Szameitat

+1 (905) 660-0808

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