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Titan Environmental Containment

Titan Environmental Containment specializes in the supply and installation of high-quality geosynthetics and specialty engineered construction products for mine infrastructure. From tailings ponds to caps, tunnels, channels and haul roads Titan provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for a range of mine projects; including Concrete Canvas®,a flexible concrete filled geosynthetic that hardens on hydration to form a thin durable, waterproof layer. This eco-friendly alternative to concrete is cost-effective, easy and ideal for mine channel lining and mine vents. Titan is also revolutionizing the mining industry with their Mine-Shield Grid™, an advanced line of high-strength polymer biaxial geogrid developed as a load bearing alternative to steel/ metal mesh for soft and hard rock underground mining applications. Lighter than steel and metal mesh, Mine-Shield Grid™ improves safety, decreases mine operating costs and speeds up development work. With locations across Canada and comprehensive installation, project management and technical expertise Titan excels at working with you in the consultation, planning and execution phase of any project. Let Titan help you save money and reduce your project’s carbon footprint. Call or email us today!


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